Music Cuzco Peru

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I recommend you visit this street of Music in Cuzco, impossible to find this type of place on planet.




BellaVista Street is the location, Take a taxi, you will never find it

Go to this place with a taxi in Cusco or Cuzco Peru to see them make instruments of many types.

Normal parade of something in Cusco, the government has lots of propaganda

The need lots of soldiers and military type trucks for protection... hehehe

Construction workers in Cuzco - They make about 10-20 Soles per day or about 7 dollars per day.

He is the boss, he gets the 20 Soles per day or about 7 Dollars U.S.



Mixing concrete with shovels, normal for the world.

Do not throw trash, hmm, not doing so good. probably a dodgy place to volunteer in Peru and South America

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