Cuzco Peru

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A Bolivian or LAB Airplane from Bolivia to Cusco Peru

My bag read to fall off the carousal, it went around twenty to thirty times as there
was only one immigration person when we entered Cuzco.

A bag or compression bag I purchased for one dollars in La Paz

Cooking raw peanuts in Cuzco in the Hotel

This is the sewer or maybe for storm water, normally it stinks

Me paying Victor to help me make a 110 / 220 heater for my room.
Noise is the problem, I found a 220 fan that can be used with 110 and is quiet.

Cuzco Peru Central Square

This guy wants to be Che Guevara - He wants to be famous and posed very easilyt.

Cheese for sale in Cuzco Peru.. It still does not taste good, only Chile has good cheese.


Selling coca leaves in Cuzco

The are selling kerosene for lights

Sharpening knives in the street

Selling ice for the students


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