La Paz Bolivia

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Coca or the leaves for Cocaine going by my Hotel every 8-10 cars all day.

Advertisement in the Hotel to go do San Pedro a drug plant

Coroico that bike ride on the worlds most dangerous road. NOW everything is an NGO



This is an extremely large bag vendors carry daily to work for their kiosk

On Illampu in La Paz everyone sells nut


The Catholic Church San Francisco or Iglesia San Francisco


Iglesia San Francisco in the the background.

This is called a Padlok Zipper or Padlock Zipper Slider
It as best I can tell is the best system possible to lock a zipper on a backpack.
This slider is maybe middle range quality.

Picture showing the meeting of the two holes.

You can puts a small diameter shank lock on this zipper it would be better with a larger hole.

The tabs break off on zippers and you can use the lock for a pull tab.

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