Koh Phi Phi Tsunami

Koh Phi Phi Tsunami Photos    Koh Phi Phi Tsunami Pictures
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Government boat to Koh Phi Phi - Free as a Journalist, or web site... hehehe

There is no regular boat after the Tsunami in Thailand to Koh Phi Phi January 30, 2004

Filming the trip for Thailand media.

Workers going to Koh Phi Phi to clean. The boat left at 9 came back at 4

Maya or the island where they made the movie the Beach or parts of the movie

Filming as we enter Koh Phi Phi


Koh Phi Phi from the boat January 2005



Shore line

You can see across the strip of land, in the past I do not think possilbe.

Trashed hut are now flat on Koh Phi Phi







There used to be lots of bungalow inside the palms. The trees were not harmed.

Workers coming on shore to Koh Phi Phi Thailand to work on Tsunami Damage

Thaksin Marine - Thaksin in Thai means south

7-11 as it is looks after the Tsunami on Koh Phi Phi

The main tourist path on Koh Phi Phi


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