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One of the Buddhist Temples in Ayutthaya at sunset





This is the sandals they supplied in a Hotel in Ayutthaya for the guest.
I personally think this is a great way to catch a foot fungus.

The floor is cleaner

American Couple in Koh Mak


The Truck or Home made vehicle on the Island of Koh Mak that took us to Guesthouse.

French boys on Island of Koh Mak Thailand

Rope for swimming on Koh Mak


My guesthouse on Koh Mak rooms were 150 Baht, the cheapest on Island I believe

Restaurant area

My 150 Baht Bungalow or 3.5 Dollars per night

Sunset in Koh Mak Thailand

Girl playing accordion

Dreads, Sunset, Accordion and child

Daughter of accordion player

This is a home made lantern or light for burning.

Whiskey bottle


Wrapped with a pop can metal.

Never understood this.

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