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Sign on the elevator in the D & D Inn on Khao San Road in Bangkok Thailand

Sign on the elevator in the D & D Inn on Khao San Road in Bangkok Thailand
I am not saying this is not a legitimate place to donate.
I would only donate to large services like the Red Cross.
The governments of most countries are corrupt.

This man is in front of the donation box on Khao San Road.
Did you know that people often pay or the family puts together money to
buy the right to be a police officer. The pay is almost nothing to
be a police officer in Thailand, but there are plenty. It is the popular
understanding that the way to get rich in poor countries is to work for the
government, therefore you can collect.

Missing People in Tsunami posted at the corner of Khao San Road across
from the Wat and organized by the police station.

Clips from Newpapers


Computer printed papers of missing people in the Tsunami


Older Khao Sarn Road Hippie that then went and put money in the box.



The plastic box for donations to the Tsunami

Money Donation

I have no idea why the Sunset Bar is posted on this plastic box, but normal.

Number missing in Thailand

This requires that I trust the police in Thailand.
I am sure many of you can send some stories... hehehe

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