Medina of Marrakech

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Fresh Orange Juice in Marrakech Morocco

He has a machine and one after the other squeezes. I tried to go to the same person daily,
but they often moved their stands.

Each has a generator that generates both electricity and noise adding
to the roar of this square


The is at least 15 of these stands and probably more



I am lost to understand the significance of these gentlemen.
It appears they are for Photo sessions..

This quite stupid boy has lost his key, he is not stupid to lose
his key, but just is stupid. Get out of the genetic pool.

Keys are a problem. I have three sets of the same keys and all put
in three separate locations.

Having the owner of the Hotel help him, I was trying to tell them there
were locksmith type companies off the square, but everyone is an expert.
Strange to me is the lack of bolt cutters in Hotels.

A very typical donkey cart in Morocco. The harness is great

A fabricated mess that works well.


This says, Participate in the lottery to obtain a Green Card
A chance to live in America. - Contrary to popular myth or
misunderstanding the USA is not hated, but loved.

Construction techniques in Morocco. Notice the mixing of concrete with shovel.
Limbs or timbers for supports


Medina of Marrakech

This is a cooking apparatus in Morocco.
Clay with a top that works sort of like a crock pot.

A hook to hang a sheep or mutton on to skin or prepare to eat.

This is in the house of a person just off the living area.

Central Square in Marrakech in the Medina




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