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The central market or square in the Medina of Marrakesh Morocco

View from the top of a restauarant.

This may be one of the closest or simplest ways to see a developing nations
normal world market from Europe. If you wish to see a market that
is normal in 75 percent of the planet, you need to go to Morocco.

The roof top restaurant




People with camera are everywhere. This is so touristy that everyone is almost always
in the view of a camera

Milk - A Canadian girl was having milk withdrawal. She drank milk every morning
but had no idea how to buy milk. I told her about he delivery of milk
in the very early hours of morning in most of the poor countries.
I do not think she woke ever early enough to buy milk.

This is very common. I have seen bags sold like this in Nepal, India and many countries.I




On the shelf Milk and I never buy and would never recommend anyone to buy in any
country in the world. I do not need some type of food poisoning.






The French appear to have northern Africa as they own market and about 30 percent
higher priced than most poor countries.


Me making coffee or hot water in Airport

Adapter to convert the round plug width

McDonalds was the only place that had a plug in the Airport

The "Pop" from Movie Pop and Me

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