Marrakech Morocco

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My light configuration or connection to electricity in Essaouira Morocco

Essaouira Morocco Hotel Electricity

Keeps me from accidentally jerking it out of the plug

Me leaving this guy charged me one dollar to carry my bags to the bus, he walked extremely fast.

My bags

The entrance to the Medina in Essaouira Morocco

Essaouira Morocco Taxi

Donkey carts in Morocco


The reception desk guy in the Essaouira Hotel in Marrakech

Essaouira Hotel in Marrakech Morocco

Entrance to Hotel Essaouira in Marrakech Morocco

Installing electrical wire in Marrakech

Chisel a groove insert wire and cover with cement


This guy does not want his photo taken, he has no respect for me and
hassles me every day to buy stuff, quid pro quo

The center park or plaza of the Medina in Marrakech Morocco

Medina in Marrakesh

Orange Juice for 3 dirhams





For some reason they have Effervescent Vitamins in Morocco

Effervescent Vitamins in Morocco

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