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Backpacks too trusting, this is Spain folks, not a safe place.

View of Cats Hostels in Madrid

Center courtyard in Cats Hostel in Madrid

What do Europeans Eat - Burger King of course

Burger King

Wall tile inside the Hostel or the Cats Hostel in Mardrid

Modernization of old building, I-beam post or column.

Argentina girl with cell phone, normal in the world to have a cell phone everywhere

Church in Madrid Spain

Bum sleeping in tourist plaza




Person dressed as angel or something



On the cell, or mobile.

Madrid Spain

This is life - Sex, Cell, Cigarettes and pigs. So accurate.

Bus station in Malaga, Free WIFI here


Nice lady helping me to buy a ticket from Malaga to Tarifa - ZERO English


All along the road from Malaga to Tarifa Spain there are ancient or old lookout points.
Other than that this is Five Star Apartment haven, and nothing of interest.

My room semi clean in Tarifa Spain

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