Hotel Tarifa Spain

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Tarifa Spain - The southern most point of Europe

Lighthouse or Faro in Spanish

Tarifa Spain

A blessing upon entering or leaving the harbor

Machine gun box

Port or porto in Tarifa Spain

Fort Walls or Enclosed part of Tarifa Spain

Sancho IV El Bravo - De La Toma De Tarifa

Typical little street in the old part of Tarifa Spain


Entrance to fort in Tarifa Spain


Bull ring in Tarifa Spain

Homes, notice every one has a wall, to be safe.

Bull Ring Tarifa Spain

Bull Ring, Small

DHL everywhere in the world


My security system when I leave the Hotel Room

My closets or backpack organizers

My room and office as normal, my mother noticed I only took photos of clean room.

Facundo nice place to stay. The man on right is one of the sons. Very good tourist advice.

The big grocery store for cheap food. Eroski Centet- For a couple of day I thought
this was a Kite School or Ski place. Tarifa Spain

The best internet place in Tarifa Spain

View of harbor or ferry port from Tarifa Spain to Tangiers Spain

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