Cats Hostel Madrid Spain

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Locker in Cats Hostel in Madrid Spain - You place a card close to the handle
and it pops open, not the best type of locker because the management has the key.

Same for the door to the room, pretty much ok, but hard to use

The court yard in a Spanish type building of the Cats Hostel in Madrid

Step going to upstairs, there used to be carpet, and there are the fancy metal holders.


Beer vending machine inside the Cats Hostel

Center of Cats Hostel

Modern I-beam post has replaced an prior types

In front of the Cat Hostel in Madrid Spain

Cat's Hostel Madrid

The massive door to the Hostel

Security on the bar area


The bar inside the Cat's Hostels in Madrid

The reception people

Another security card swipe for residents to enter.

Strange applications on the wall of Hostel

I believe a clay or plaster type covering on walls

Polish or Kroatia guy that works the bar

Croissants for breakfast

Bar in Cats Hostel Madrid

Bar worker or manager

The bar for breakfast complete with MTV or Music TV

Sitting area in the bar under the Hostel

Backpacks sitting, airplane tickets proving they just got off the plane.

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