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My new backpack from Nepal


Toilet in Amsterdam Airport with a plastic cover

Wave hand in front of cover to make a new fresh Sani-cover



Airport Toilet

Internet Kiosk

5 Euros for 15 minutes I believe

Guitars as carryon baggage



Airline pilot taking more than others

Way over the limit of carry on baggage - Three items

Three items of carry on luggage

Ethnic ability to get away with anything, notice the high style shoes

Pilot with three bags

This s a tip, if you have a wet cup and you wish to place
the cup in your bag, to make sure the cup is dry, place a napkin
inside and there will be no extra water, plus you have a napkin ready.

Great lounge seats in Airport - My bag is in front.

The stylish shoes in Europe, very pointed like the Wicked Witch.

This little hook on the airport cart is to hang a bag over the top of other bags.

Photographer in Madrid


My dorm room in Cats Hostel in Madrid - Bag chained to corner of bed.
There is a locker to the right but not really big enough or secure.
The management has the card that serves as key.

Locker in Cat Hostel in Madrid Spain

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