Flophouse Hostel Amsterdam

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Water bottle for one dollar

My new backpack under the plane seat in front of me.

Standard 14 x 22 x 9 inch carry on size

A soft carry-on can be pushed under a seat or stuffed into an luggage compartment


Arrived in Brussels

My backpack above the train seat

Hostel Rules - Rules like this are for a reason, and they have had problems with these issues.

Normal sign in every hotel, then you can get your stuff stolen in the Hotel's safe

Americans in Amsterdam

Sectarian / Hate Songs, that is a first on that rule.

Compulsory Drink rule, the reason I call these type of Hostels "Flophouse Hostels"

I believe these people are waiting for food or something outside the Salvation Army in Amsterdam

Amsterdam main street leading to Central Train Station

Easyjet Internet Cafe, like the Easyjet.com Airlines


Muslim girl working in grocery store

Amsterdam Canal

Foot of the girl working in the Kilroys Travel Agency in Amsterdam Netherlands

Her foot

Kilroys, seems to be the best place to buy plane tickets at a reasonable price with some help

Magic Mushrooms

Front of a coffee shop where you would go in and legally smoke marijuana.

Bridge over the canal in Amsterdam

Globe Hostel where I stayed, good but there is nothing to do but be in the bar
or walk around outside, but better than most hostels. Free wireless internet inside.
16 - 20 Euros and will adjust according to day, better to come on wednesday.

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