Amsterdam Working Girls

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Amsterdam Cheap Accommodation Area   

Normally green like that is on copper covering after it oxidizes. Architecture in Amsterdam

Room where girls will stand to try and have sex with the people passing by

Girl is standing to the right of photo, they all run if I start to hold my camera up,
so the photo is just me pointing and shooting.

The all have underwear or bras and panties on, and stand there wanting to talk with you.
The prices is suppose to be 50 Euros for F#$% and SuAT#  / 15 minute I believe

Doors to Prostututes

Moulin Rouge Amsterdam Cheap Accommodation Area

Shoarma Teddy

This guy kept telling me not to have my backpack on as people would rob me
I went in an ate French Fries or Chips for 3 Euros or about 4 dollars.

Windows or doors in front of prostitutes rooms in Amsterdam - Whores

Bed where they are presently clean the rooms and I am able to photo

I guess they close the curtains and perform their work is a place that will arrange or help you find a room
when the place is full, which is almost always, they will find the cheaper rooms.

Amsterdam Cheap Accommodation Area




This is Dalvin square, but I cannot really remember the name

Madame Tussauds

This is an electric power conveyor to put things up on roof with a ladder system

Good Girls go to Heaven, Bad Girls go to Amsterdam

Notice the building leaning forward



Lots of old bikes in Amsterdam. When the Germans came in WW II they supposedly stole
lots of bike, or took the bikes,  A joke to tell the Germans is,

"Hey, and by the way, bring back my bike!"


My bag fitting inside the box or carryon size contraption for

My bag made in Nepal

Amsterdam Cheap Accommodation Area

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