Amsterdam Airport

Amsterdam Airport Photos    Amsterdam Airport Pictures    Travel Newsletter  163 November 2004 No Weight Restriction for carry on

My bag in carry on checking station in Amsterdam Airport in September / October of 2004

Items which cannot be carried in the cabin of an aircraft.

I really liked this vest, like the one in Nepal I had made for 7 Dollars.
This one by Tumi of Japan cost I believe 100 Euros or about 125 U.S. Dollars.

My bags chained in Amsterdam Airport soI can sleep in piece


Me making a cup of coffee with my one cup coffee maker, 220

Oops, weighing the bag with Basiq Air I believe a little heavy

10 Kilos is good, normal is maybe 7

In small compartment above seat, in hopper between New York and Boston

Airplane Pilot for Delta

My friend Gary's beam home or barn dream, he want to make these as homes

Pegged construction like an old fashion barn in the USA
This is near Boston Ma, USA


Painting on a calendar in Nepal of Nepal woman, great drawing.

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