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Philippines Airlines. When you see a money collection for excess baggage,
that means you may be in trouble. I believe they airlines only allowed 7 kilos checked. That
is 13 kilos below normal.

On the Visa Entry form to Philippines
Death to Drug Traffickers

A type of corn or fried corn called Chicacorn

Close up of corn.

worker in Airport. Notice the tools are first world. Sign of development. I think a Bosch Drill.

Wood Scaffolding in Bangkok Thailand, sign of underdeveloped

Just behind temple off Khao San Road

Worker in Sandals on construction site in Bangkok.

Mr Joe wrote a message for me to help me go somewhere... Wish I could remember.
I would show this to taxi and they would take me, they do not read English.

Female putting in Pond off Khao San Road in my Hotel called the Mango.
About 12 Dollars a night for 2 people or one.

Females do most construction in ways in Thailand.

I think this is Bangladesh Air, I flew to Bangladesh then to Nepal with them. is the up and coming Asia Cheap Airlines
Around The World Airfare - Make you own

Two Canadian Girls and Irish guy in Bangladesh Airport - Dhaka

My room in Dhaka Bangladesh

Big and Spacious - Air Conditioned

TV with no English Stations


Western Toilet with the Sprayer

Shower in Dhaka Bangladesh

Had an Air conditioner

I placed these pillow next to the door and when I went out I pulled them up to the
door, then if someone entered the room I would know it.

Electrical plus in Bangladesh

Electrical plus in Bangladesh

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