Nepal Trekking

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The boys getting ready to go chase or find Rhinos

We go off on bikes... go figure, this the first trip.

Ditch the bikes and took off on foot.

This a Rhino trap, used by a few elephants to pin the Rhino in the trap

Rhinos enter and the Elephants close in


Rhino protection stand for the fisherman and people watching the rice paddies.

Fish Traps and old Nepal Man

Very small fish

Rhino track or spoor

The come to the rice in the night to eat

The fisherman may stay out here all night

Woman along the road


Rice fields

Low caste or people working the rice fields

Low caste or low class family

Ok kids, put on some pants.

The peanut gallery of kids watching the boys chase Rhinos

Rishi my friend

Where the Rhino has laid down.

This guy was helping us for 2 dollars as a guide to help find Rhinos

I think this is Elephant Grass


Leech on pants, they came off the grass and onto our bodies.

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