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Nepali girl and boy


Katmandu Garden Hotel - My hotel for 6 dollars U.S. Private room, cable, private bath. big
then I go to Europe and pay 20 for a dorm bed.

My Hotel in Kathmandu Nepal

Sitting area or balcony to have lunch or coffee.

This a newer part of Katmandu under construction.


Handing concrete up a wood scaffolding to the top


The have round pots like to hand the concrete up.

Man carrying gravel, notice he has sandals on.


I like this knife, probably should have bought it. I think it cost less than one dollar.
Probably better than a Swiss or Leatherhead in need, and a good value

Taxis in Nepal

A zipper I am trying to purchase. The metal of Nepal is sometimes in question.



I think the address to the Embroidery place.. hehehe

This is the Brother Machine that does embroidery for backpacks.


The little machines also do Embroidery, about 50 cents per logo.

Pigeons or other.

Children, see the design in the concrete rail.


Behind is a spiral stairs, sort of standard in poor countries, but unusual in rich.

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