Methane Cooking

Methane Cooking Photos    Methane Cooking Pictures    Travel Newsletter  162

Road Construction crew

Checking for Maoist Terrorist on way to Chitwan Royal Park

Rishi is going to eat the stuff


Hell if I know what it is.?

Coconut, see how his skin is dark, probably came over the border from India.
We are very close to India

British Flag

When Life is Struggle Fight

Long line

Squeezing sugar cane

Nepal woman or girl



The small road to Rishis house, at the end is the place where there are Rhinos

The plains along the way, or rice fields


Bamboo Bridge - My backpack is in the cart

Ox Cart, but a tractor is over to the right



Cows for methane gas to use for cooking. Milk, etc.

Toilet with a excrement stirring device on the right to make methane.

Stirring the S

Human and cow feces

Capture the gas and pipe it to the kitchen

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