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Electric plug and switch in Dhaka Bangladesh

They have us these and took away our passport so we would not leave.
The airplane put us up for the night as part of transit to Nepal.

A taxi driver that has the bike carriage behind, and a police or guard of the hotel.



Canadian girl posing. I asked her if I could take a picture of her and her hat?
She said, "That is what I brought it for." Struck me as a funny comment.

Japanese girl that was traveling alone.

Motorcycle taxi in Dhaka Bangladesh in the pouring rain. So much for me taking lots of photos.

This is our driver between the Airport and the Hotel, he is trying now to get
us to give him a gift. ..Aagh.. I gave him a dollar when he said he would give me
some Bangladesh money.


Man looking out over the edge of a truck in Bangladesh and the rain.

Zia International Airport. - Dhaka Bangladesh

Waiting to leave, there is my old backpack on the floor to the right

This bag worked good, but I now have a new replacement I made in Nepal.


Getting on the plane. Bangladesh Airlines. I carried my bag for some reason all the way to
this point and they then checked the big bag in the storage compartment.

The group on the plane as we entered Nepal. They put the Hawaiian like lays around our necks
Those are real flowers.


Me in my room in Nepal, I have heated some water because there is
no hot water. Solar heated water means you need to shower in the afternoon.

The house across the way from my hotel.

Katmandu Skyline

Katmandu Guesthouse

Nepal family

The garden or sitting area in front of my hotel

Napal woman of 24

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