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I see a lot of construction methods in various countries of the world.
I believe that an indication of wealth or development can best be represented
by some of the variations from country to country.

The first three photos are from Manila, Philippines.

The 4, 5 , 6  are photos of Bangkok, Thailand,

The last 5 are from Katmandu, Nepal

All photos were taken in September to October of 2004



PHILIPPINES - Maleta Area in Manila Philippines - See the building on the left, notice the steel scaffolding.

PHILIPPINES - Cement Pump and Cement Truck - Steel Scaffolding in Manila Philippines.

PHILIPPINES - Concrete Pump - VERY huge sign of development,
This machine pumps liquid or soft concrete
up to the upper floor areas.

THAILAND - Bangkok Thailand - This is wood or bamboo scaffolding. the workers live on the job
or near the job in huts.
THAILAND - Lots of women workers, and they often have children on the site. This is a 4 plus story buidling.
THAILAND - This is the feet of a worker wearing sandals.
KATMANDU, NEPAL - This is supposed to be the newer section of Katmandu. The wood
scaffolding is creating a chain of workers that are raising pans of concrete to dump on top of the Building.
KATMANDU, NEPAL - A human chain of workers passing concrete up the wood scaffoling.
KATMANDU, NEPAL - The mixer puts it on the ground and the worker shoves it in a pan like bucket.
KATMANDU, NEPAL - Worker with SANDAL carrying gravel for the mixer.
KATMANDU, NEPAL - Loading the basket with gravel.

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