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Common area to meet other travelers in the Friendly Guesthouse.

A kitchen free to use in the Friendly Guesthouse in Manila
This is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find in Southeast Asia or Asia

Benjie the Owner

Balcony - The Guesthouse or Hotel is on the fourth floor in Manila - Maleta Area
Just down the street towards the water from Maleta Pensione

Balcony or terrace

Security Gate

By Backpacker for Backpackers.

The building where the Friendly Guesthouse is located.
One of the former guest rented a studio here for 175 U.S. Dollars per month.


Maleta Area in Manila Philippines

Cement Pump and Cement Truck

Concrete Pump - VERY huge sign of development

Front of Maleta Pension, Nice place but the Friendly is Friendly and more services

Bakery - Lots of Chain Stores in the Philippines. - Signs of higher development.

Fire Truck - Good and not so common if the country is poor.


Elevator to Friendly Guesthouse in Manila

Chris and Benjie in Friendly Gueshouse

Hollywood - The Mobile Phone or Cellular Telephone is obnoxiously prevalent.

CNN on TV in common area of guesthouse.

Shawarma - A great food served by MIDGETS

I ate here every night. Chicken Sharwarm - Pita - Chicken - Mayo cooked on spit
like a Gyro

There were about 10 Midgets or maybe dwarfs that worked here.

A Shawarma - I do not know in which country this originates. This is a sad or
frustrating part of travel. I encounter many things with no way to learn or nobody to
help me learn. I am hoping in the future I can post pictures and readers can post
pictures and other readers can answer the questions.

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