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Nice Gift! A deck of cards was given to me on the plane from Philippines Airlines.

Water Lines above the streets that carry water from the top of mountain or divert it to homes.
Banaue Philippines

Water Line and some electrical?

AIR Conditioned?... I am not sure. Bus from Banaue to Solano Philippines

Ifugao Rice Terrace in the Philippines.

Philippines Girl

Typical or common American Flag on T-shirt.

Buko Pie - Sold on the buse and is a Coconut Pie

Fried Corn Crispy and more or less a Spain food of origin. Eggs


Very large fields of rice in the lowland of the Philippines. Mass production
of rice tends to make the Banaue Rice Terraces impractical.

Buko Pie or Coconut Pie

Motorcycle Taxis

Cement Mixers for sale in Philippines. This is a sign of prosperity. Poor countries
mix cement by shovel, and hard to find a mixer.

Christian Church in Philippines, I think there are many Missionaries


River bed or flood plain - Food is grown in these area when the water is low.


Large numbers of Motorcycle Taxis in the Philippines.

AVON CALLING! Avon is common in many countries.


Rice at various stages of growth.

Philippine girl that is studying to be a Care Giver.

Does any reader know what is the type of bird that lays these eggs.
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Salesperson that sells these strange eggs on bus.

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