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Drying Rice along the side of the road in the Philippines

Philippines Girl that is studying to be a care-giver.
The Philippines appears to produce a lot of nurses.


A hasp and lock on door in Carmen Philippines. Makes me feel safer with my lock.


This table is in front of window. Robbers can reach in an grab valuables off the table.

Very high security for Asia. These bars are normal in the Philippines and more
than normal for many Southeast Asian countries.

People sleeping on the street.

DMZ BAR in Angeles City, Philippines - Former Clark Air Force Base

McDonalds in Angeles City Phlippines

Pizza Hut


KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant in the Philippines

The roofs are made of galvanized steel and less of asbestos

Lions Club in Manila Philippines

SIGN - Do not block Sidewalk - Sidewalks are for people.

Mister Donut

Bosch AEG Makita - In the poorest countries it is very difficult to buy these tools.

Sidewalks are for people. They need reminded.

This is a Toilet - The grate in bottom is pissed on and it goes to sewer.

I spilled this soap because the lid popped off. This is why I have a special bottle
that I refill.


The Hotel or Guesthouse in Manila called the Maleta Pension
I moved out because the bed STUNK.


The smaller simpler bed in the Friendly Guesthouse in Manila, but clean.

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