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This toilet paper dispenser has a lid because you can shower and use the toilet at
the same time as is normal in most developing countries. How I long for a dry bathroom.

Two Dutch Girls

I think the girl on the right looks like Sandra Bullock


Secret to always having water in the bucket.

Let the water drip.

Notice there is not tank.

A very good backpack.


Thailand girl with shirt that says, I want to be on the cover of your magazine.

Ants crawled in on that mop and invade my underwear while drying.

The New Joe Guesthouse in Bangkok, my newer home away from home.
I ditched the Sawasdee.


Ireland and German - Interesting couple

This guy can find some creative plane ticket off of Khao San Road close to the New Joe Guesthouse.


I had to buy a student card - Fake

Not my idea of safe storage.


This is a real plus for Thailand - A common area that is not a restaurant.

The Thai way of pulling the curtains.



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