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CD Sales and DVD Sales are a big reasons Western European Travelers come to Vietnam.

View of Duong Bui Vien Road this is similar to the Khao San Road of Bangkok,
but by far not as interesting.

Art Studios, they appear to sell copies of anything, and Vietnam is know for copies of books and CD Roms

CD Rom Shop selling music of any sorts that is copied from the originals.

There were a large number of black people on Duong Bui Vien or in the area, this is very
uncommon and they appear to be from Africa.

ATM are in Saigon, but smaller villages are more difficult.

More ART Reproductions studies on Duong Bui Vien Road

Suits custom made in Vietnam.

Statue of someone just in front of the main market.

Cho Ben Thanh Market - Thats was the sign says. I am not sure
But this market is just down the street from the backpacker center of the Universe
Duong Bui Vien

Nice landscaping

Very modern market, normal in many ways, but more organized and 10 time cleaner.

Taxi Bike

The are not real, they are plastic

I forget



Notre Dame of Vietnam

Saigon Square

Two Backpacker getting a bike ride or taxi ride.

This is I believe French Architecture that now has a gas station in front of it.

Balconies on the street. louvered doors.



Pergola on the roof of the building. This was a great building in its day.

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