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Coffer Brewer or makers I experienced in Phnom Pehn Cambodia

The pour hot water in the top

The grounds go in with NO filter

The put condensed milk in the bottom

The whole package or my breakfast.

Daughter and Mother of the coffee breakfast restaurant. Just outside the Lakeside Guesthouse
in Boeng Kak area of Phnom Penh


Bottom has filter

Has a filter,  a double filter system.


Sawing Ice for drinks in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Oren and Nescafe Girl in Phnom Penh

Little girl pretending to eat a live Spider. They eat spiders in Cambodia

Oren buy over the counter recreational drugs. Something "Pan"

Girl rolling and smoking a joint in Happy Guesthouse - German

USA T-shirt in Cambodia

The country side outside of Phnom Penh - One large rice paddie - this is not subsistence farming.


Cambodia Rice

The point of a big river or lake we crossed on the way to Snoul

Stopped for food half the way there, our vans full of bags and people. Cost 6 Dollars
U.S. from Phnom Penh to Snoul

My backpack on the top. I told him I would not put it up there until I seen a rain tarp.

Furniture on top of a Van

The hat on the left is more Vietnam style - Pajamas

Sexy girl in the van - ?

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