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The main corner of Sihanoukville - Victory Beach Cambodia

Eco-Adventure ... Green Washing

Fake McDonalds, not even close on the food. Rosies a Vietnam Restaurant

This type of hat is sort of Typical in Cambodia. this girl wanted me to buy chips or food.

Portable wood stove that is carried around to cook something. Eggs in top.

The counter-balanced system.


Cambodia Girl

Rooster not the best Alarm Clock, unpredictable.

DaDa washing clothes, the owner of my Guesthouse. Da Da Guesthouse

Serendipity Beach / Sihanoukville

English Girls

French Girl

The beach that leads to Ocheatral or something like that.

Cambodia Island

One system of drying my clothes, the heat generated from the concreted helps.

This is a Chinese Light-bulb and common in a 220 country.

My role of non-stretchy nylon string for clothes line.

You need to burn the end, or just cut off a lot, My roll is pretty big.

This is a Condom Advertisement in the Hotel. I think the first actual full wall type one I have
encountered in a Hotel. They sell, but this seems to be a national awareness campaign.




DaDa telling me about them, and being serious, while I am making jokes.

6 for 25 Cents U.S. or 1000 Real - Cambodia AIDS awareness week....hehehe

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