Killing Fields

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Stupa full of Bones and Skulls from the Genocide of Pol Pot in the Killing Fields

Cambodian Children Begging

I made this photo dramatic on purpose, see how you can distort the world.

This one looks bad, but not bad, This was taken outside the entrance to the Genocide or Killing Fields Museum

Skulls on display at the museum. 2 dollars to enter.

Strange, we could just walk up and touch if we wished.

Human killed by Pol Pot Regime or the Khmer Rouge


Distinct Seams in the head or skull of a human.


The Stupa that held all those skulls.

Girl or Guy? Guy with Dreads

An area where they dumped bodies.

Bone just sitting around the site.

Chankiri Tree - Beat Children Cambodia

Piles of bones sitting around.

Mass Grave


A very very long boat with absolutely no clue as to why it is inside the Killing Fields area.


Chicken Cage

Japanese Girl

Deep Water well? Maybe, but it some form of well systematically done in Cambodia.
Cambodia Water

Our Took Took for 10 Dollars - Oren and the two Japanese Friends.


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