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Air Pump - A display of a countries wealth.

The Japanese girl was carrying this in her bag. Normal for Asians to have the mouth mask.

Genocidee Museum

Tuol Svay Prey High School Genocidee Museum Cambodia - Thanks to the Cambodian People and Pol Pot

Formerly a school, then a torture institute, now a museum for 2 Dollars U.S.

National Kampuchea

The leg chains for victims of Cambodian Torture

Pol Pot

A room for torture

A lightly barred window.

Torture Room.

Khmer Rouge

Stacks of clothes from bodies or something

One person - Now dead.

A Cambodian Man - Dead

The young crazies of Pol Pot Regime

Photo of how they shackled the victims.


Cells or holding areas




Me taking dramatic photos for fun - Barb Wire

The Russian Market Area


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