Cambodia Genocide

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In Sihanoukville  - Instant Nescafe Coffee 200 Grams for 3 Dollars U.S.

Water for 12.5 Cents or 500 Reals

The Thai people do not have this wrapper, but the Cambodians do, the water is safer to drink
in Cambodia I would suppose and for sure there is fake everything in Thailand.

Punch a Hole in the top like this and you can pour easily.

Phnom Penh Hotel - Number 9

Buddhist Statue in the Hotel over the nice green water.

Number 9 Hotel and formerly maybe the Cloud Nine

All the Hotels in the Boeng Kak Lake or Lakeside area have decks on the front.

Boeng Kak

Number 9 Hotel

The Cambodians gamble or place card everywhere.

Lakeside Area in Phnom Penh - Same Same as Khao San Road, but different.

Notice all the electrical wires.

Lakeside Hotel in the Boeng Kak

There is a pool or snooker table everywhere in Phnom Penh Cambodia

The shooting range in Phnom Penh, they do not allow cameras, so did not do very good at sneaking.

Shooting Range



Pistol is 15 dollars and a bazooka is 300 Dollars, Maybe the cow is extra.

Entrance to the shooting range.

Air Con Bus at the Killing Fields.

Genocide Center Cambodia

Our Tuk Tuk for 10 Dollars per day.

Land Mine Victim - Stepped on a mine near the border of Thailand and Cambodia

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