Sihanoukville Hotel

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Cambodia Girl Face or Profile in Phnom Penh Cambodia


Bread in street - Cost is 500 Real or .12 Cents U.S.

Dinner Commission Stop on the way to Sihonoukville


The road from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville is very good - Paid for by USA

Da Da Hotel or DaDA in Sihanoukville - 3 Dollars and include private bath.
This has got to be the best 3 dollars room I have had.

Toilet in Sihanouk ville Hotel

The view off my balcony

My balcony of sorts.

My backpack - Note that big purple things is terry cloth towel material and used like a blanket.


Victory Beach

Sihanoukville Deep Water Sea Port

These kids just do not wear clothes

English Breakfast - English Fish and Chips - Thinking in English

Front of Da Da Hotel in Sihanoukville

Da DA Guesthouse in Sihanoukville

Vietnam Visa for 30 Dollars USA in one day

Mealy Chanda Hotel in Sihanoukville


Wash Machines - Very modern and sort of common in Cambodia, not a poor country thing.


Lohherkay Beach - My favorite along the coast in between Victory and Serendipity, you can walk from Victory

Buddhist Monks collecting their Alms or rice, money in the morning.

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