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View of the Area around the Capitol Hotel in Phnom Penh

View of the Area around the Capitol Hotel in Phnom Penh

The cleaning girls in the Capitol Hotel

The bars in the 2 dollar dungeon area.

The common toilets in the Capitol Hotel in Phnom Penh Backpacker Hotel

View out the back of hotel

Some French looking doors on the building across the street

Notes the drying of clothes. The method here. They are keeping people from breaking
in even though they are 3 stories up.


Cleaning lady that wanted her photo taken


Face or Profile of a typical Cambodia Girl

UNICEF SUV - Note this could buy a village here, the cost of the SUV

Bike Taxi

Grocery Store in Phnom Penh - Very modern, but hard to find


1.70 U.S. For Orange Juice - 2.85 for Australian Cheddar Cheese 250 Grams
Cost of food in Cambodia in a grocery store modern and all prices in Dollars.
I am not sure this is normal.

Statue of Liberty in front of Hotel in Phnom Penh

The exchange rate posted in street - for Dollars vs Real or Khmer Money - Cambodia Money
July 12, 2004

The main market

Rings for mosquito net - this is a good idea

A tapered pole goes in the rings and sits on the floor.


There is one on all four corners of both beds.

Price of food or drinks the Capitol Restaurant or Tour office.

The Capitol Tour office is probably a good place to buy bus tickets.
I think there are lot better hotels in the area.

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