Cambodia Beach

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Boy giving morning alms to Buddhist Monk in Sihanoukville Cambodia

Kids playing in inner tubes in Sihanoukville Beach Lohemeray


Boat for going to island - 10 dollars for the boat and as many people as 10

Girl from Cambodia talking on Cell phone or Mobile Telephone

A boat going to island

Inner Tubes for children

Boat Trip in Cambodia

Sea Port at Sihanoukville

The sign on the Angkor Beer Plant in Sihanoukville - The make this beer here

I think they make all these here also

This is a very large shoe factory north of Sihanoukville or of the Ferry Stop.
There were hundreds of girls going inside, and no men.

Grinding Coconut

Typical Market and me buying 100 Real or 25 Cents of raw Peanuts - Garlic Eggs

This girl would not stop laughing at me.

Cambodia Girl in Market outside of main city past the Ferry in Sihanoukville

Food Market in Sihanoukville or up the hill from the Sihanoukville Ferry Stop

Cambodia Cooking

Cambodia Train Car or Cambodia Railways


Boat in stop past the Ferry or down the road from the Ferry Stop

Ferry to Thailand or Vietnam


Track for boats to slide into water

Fixing, making or repairing boats in Sihanoukville Cambodia Deep Sea Port

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