Siem Reap

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76 Baht for Instant Coffee in Bangkok 200 Grams
$1.75 July 5, 2004


Lice Comb I carry and use to be safe.


Very find teeth to rake out eggs. Note I do not have lice, but nice to be safe if one jumps on me.

Construction project next to Popular Guesthouse in Siem Reap

Bending Rebar

Putting in a footer of concrete.

Metal Scaffolding is unusual and a sign of money, normal is wood.


Clay bricks


French Architecture - Siem Reap is not a good place to find this.

The Shadow of Angkor Hotel - Nice architecture - I think under  10 Dollars.

Huts or homes on the river


I found a Gym in Siem Reap for exercise - This was not close to the Tourist area and only for the locals.


On the river in Siem Reap - Close to Tonle Sap Lake

Washing clothes - the ladder is used during high water to get to boat

This is a Vietnam Girl that started calling me to come visit. She is a boom boom girl or sexy girl.


Me and my taxi drive went to visit. Hard to visit the inside of a home. She was nice and for 20 dollars
U.S. she would have spent 24 hours at the hotel. I wanted to see the inside of the home.

One room - I was trying to get the profile of this girl.

One room and I think she had 3 children.

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