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Vietnam girl living in Cambodia

People think or believe they are all refugees. This girl is maybe 20 and too young to be alive during the war.
I believe she came to Siem Reap to try to earn money as a a boom boom girl.


The family or group of neighbors, not sure nobody spoke English good.

Market in the street

Vegetable in Cambodia


Carving new statues for the place.


This is an India God of Ganesh and is Hindu, the place was settle by Indians and has both religions inside
of Angkor Wat, I do not think there are Hindu people here now, but they keep the tourist going.

This statue cost 1080 U.S. Dollar. I think I could buy it for 100


A bridge, everything modern or old is decorated


Typical side street or normal locals street in Siem Reap


New 5 Star Hotel being contructed.


Cooking with charcoal in Cambodia

My bread.

Funny thing is a monk almost always has an umbrella

My Taxi Driver for 6 dollars U.S. per day.

Car wash or motorcycle wash in Cambodia, very common, but not normal for poor countries.

Monks hanging around in the Wat

Car Wash

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