Floating Village

Floating Village Photos    Floating Village Pictures
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Maybe a Thai girl with German Boyfriend.

Kids waving along the river on the boat from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh - 23 US. Dollars

All the home are on legs because the river rises or floods the areas and may come up 10 meters.



Petro Station along the river





Gas Station along a village - Surrounded by floating homes.


See they are laid out or arranged in rows like streets.

See the opening between homes.


Buddhist Wat in Cambodia



My Bread Sales person in Siem Reap - 500 Reals

Going to the boat in Siem Reap



Loading and unloading boats in Siem Reap - These boats shuttled us to large boat.


Lake Side Guesthouse is the Party zone area of Phnom Penh - Boeng Kak

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