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Free transportation to a guesthouse

The pick up from the boat at Phnom Penh
I have discovered that lots of traveler do not like this, but this is a lot better than
arriving in a city with no one to help you find a room, and nobody to that speak English.
The should be thankful for the help and the competition, plus a free trip to hotel.


Justin from the USA wearing a Canadian Flag - Brighton Boston - USA - Ugly American

Ridiculous and the true Ugly American. He was a good kid, naive and thinks everyone in the world hates
the USA, but he will never know, because for sure he is teaching them that people lie. He wants to
be a doctor and lives in Brighton part of Boston USA. His name is Justin. nice kid, but I personally
would not want a doctor to lie to me. - He says he wants to be the Doctors without borders.

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