Cambodia Hotel

Cambodia Hotel - Photo Gallery Newsletter # 152

My laundry Bag - A t-shirt stuffed with clothes.

Laundry Bag

Girl Construction Work in Bangkok Thailand, I have no idea why the winter stocking cap.

Rob me please

Rob me please

I will surely sit something down and forget it.

Take the table when you rob me.

Checking the cleaning lady. I place out exact number of coins and hide, then count when I return.

She did not clean the room for 5 days. Mango Lagoon off Khao San Road

Mini-Bus going from border to Siem Reap / Cambodia

Typical Road conditions in Cambodia

Huts along side the road. Notice the TV Antenna - No electricity but Generators.



Swiss girl studying Tourism managment

Pink sheets and my computer. Only 80 Baht per night in city of "Dinner Commission."

Fan with my morning coffee. Nails enough to hang my towel.

Old version of Lonely planet. Note it say "Affordable Adventure" on the cover.
I suppose they mean this is an Adventure

Lots of nails, plug, what can you want?

Extra one to hang my lock.

Extremely secure because I can use my own lock

Heart Shape Mirror

Heart Shaped Mirror

Toilets and showers in "Dinner Commission" city.

A squat toilet in Cambodia

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