Cambodia - Photo Gallery Newsletter # 152

Shower in 80 Baht hotel in Dinner Commission City.

These large earthen clay pots are everywhere in Cambodia, they are holding water.

The front of the Guesthouse with a restaurant to the side. Dinner Commission City Cambodia

The restaurant staff

Cambodia Girl

Donkey with a load of wood for cooking fires.

The truck bus stop, no buses in the stop, but they sit and collect riders.

Cambodia Child

Hammock - The bench is used at night for an open air bed, they put a tent mosquito net over the children or people.

Looks like a Jail - The 80 Baht Guesthouse in Cambodia - Bus top quality

Buddhist prayer table

A washing machine. This is a sign of big development. Only the most developed countries have washing machines.

They put 26 people in this truch. 50 Baht for back, 100 for behind the seat, and 200 for the front with leg room.


Cambodia Child

Bread for sale. 25 cents U.S. for a Frenchie Baguette

Notice the noses, they are also darker skinned than the Thailand people.

Made in the USA

Do they hate the USA, I do not think so.

New York Yankees Hat

Cambodia Nose Profile - The nose indents below the forehead.

The passengers in the low rent area.


Two other foreigners in another truck.


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