Golden Triangle

Photo Gallery Newsletter # 151

A typical small town bus stop in Thailand on the way to Chang Saen Thailand

A&W Root Beer - Sold in Thailand

Walls Ice Cream not very normal that they tell the real name.

Small local bus that would go between small cities in Thailand

Me hanging my backpack on the wall to free up floor space and to be organized.

I have this hook I keep in my backpack to hang things up on the wall.

Stuffing my with underwear to keep it from getting smashed.

Outline by Steve of of the perfect webpage.



HoboGirls a store in England

All these small song taes or small taxi like trucks have Office Depot signs on sides.

Office Depot


Pregnant Thai Girl

Me tying away in the Chang Rai Bus Stop waiting for bus.

Monk waiting for bus

Rainy day in Thailand

Fancy way to keep flies off of food in Chang Saen. They took a fan motor and
adapted it to swing the tassles.

This is sort of a plow for rice, they walk the vehicle through the rice and the wheels
tear up the soil.


It is brand new and does not have the motor

Photo of the Mekong River

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