Photo Gallery Newsletter # 150

Catholic Church Steeple in Seitinger Germany

I was real curious if those slots were for bow and arrows or guns.

Ktholicshche? Catholic

The whole place was walled in and on the top of the highest point. I would suppose for protection.

Gate to Church

Yellow Wild Flowers














Germany details - They have wires connected so they will not lose the cap.
Note that this fire hydrant may never be used.

You put in one Euro and they give you a cart. When you put away the cart
you can get your money back. This insures that people put away their cart.

Entrance to section of city in Wurtzburg, Germany

Sort of a gate / house, arch.

Pretzels, in the airport they advertised these as French, but who is sure?

Mamisso a guy that was extremely helpful in Frankfurt Airport, I had nothing to
do with his company, but he still made phone calls to help.

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