German Architecture

Photo Gallery Newsletter # 149

Window shades or exterior pulls for window covering in Germany

These rolled down covers are on most windows if not all in southern Germany

Another example from the outside

This house is new and has the red brick before covered by concrete slurry of sorts.


Typical House in Seitingen Germany

Each house has extreme landscaping of lawns, and very little regular grass.

Skylights with red clay or other material roofing

This machine serves the concrete slurry or material that covers the exterior of 90 plus
percentage of the house in this village.

These cranes are scattered around the city.
It appears they set up one for each home built.


Church in Seitingen Germany

There is a steel gate to keep the snow from falling fast off the roof.

Steel Snow Fence

Older shutter and probably prior to pulldown window covers, These function.

Very small garages

About 30 percent of the homes are duplexes or triplexes


Shutter on German House

An old house, notice the barn type entrance

Holds the shutter open as I believe they are set to swing toward window.

Very few garage door openers


The width is very small

Snow fence

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