European Trains

Photo Gallery Newsletter # 146

Lake Constance in Southern Germany

My backpack organizer served as luggage.


Ryanair Really overcharged me, bait and switch I paid 70 pound extra for weight.

Between going to Stansted Airport and paying for weight I had an absolutely terrible ticket.

Cristoforo Colombo in Genoa Italy


Train in Italy

Man holding sign that says FAG - I asked him if he knew?

My backpakcs

I locked them together when sitting around in the Vienna Austria Train Station

Took a shower at the Vienna Train Station for 3 dollars US


I charged my computer while I showered. The station had zero plugs to use.


I guess that could be a universal sign for bath or shoer

Watching the board for arrivals and departures.

Train In Germany


The Halls Ice Cream sign of Austria


This says the seat could be reserved. Half the time they are wrong.




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