Cambodia Border

Newsletter # 147

A belt on the bus broke.

Signs everywhere - Cambodia People's Party

Sounds good. NO grenades

Cambodia Children

Restaurant in Bankok behind the temple of Kha San Road - Very cheap



My bag

J.C. Penny Co. Ltd - NO

Border of Cambodia and Thailand

That is a load

Special trailer

The micro bus or van that is between a bus and a combi or normal van.


Water people are throwing at people because of the Thai New Year

Hewlett Packard in Bangkok Thailand



HP - They tried to help, but could do nothing.
I needed the serial number ON THE RECEIPT!



This ex-soldier carried a photo arou.nd of American Solders and had an American Flag on shirt

Gullivers Travels Bar at the end of Khao San Road - Bangkok Thailand

Peachy Guesthouse - Cheap Rooms and extra cheap Internet.

This is the BEST place I have found to book a bus or tour in Bangkok. Cheap.

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