Newsletter # 147

Seborrheic Dermatitis - Get rid of fungus.

Cooking on wood fire in Cambodia - Siam Reap


The popular Guesthouse is good in Siem Reap Cambodia - 5 Dollars U.S.


The supplied soap and glass...hehehe

Bottle of Water, check the plastic wrap as they may refill and sell you bad water.

Look at this, toilet paper that is pre-cut so you cannot pull off or use too much.

Price of Gas in Cambodia.

I bought a bottle in Nepal like this, it leaked when it go too cold. The plastic lid holder will break.

The local political parties label all the villages.


Cambodias Peoples Party




Loose straps on backpack is not good. I am trying to design a backpack without this problem.
Note the people in front of the bus have access to the bags and can unzip the pockets.

Dusty city as we leave Cambodia



Dust in Cambodia


Fresh Water container  - Drinking water.


Charcoal for cooking.

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