Newsletter # 147

This is Panthip Computer Mall in Bangkok - World best place to by 3 dollar software
and DVDS etc.


The place has all the latest equipment and cheaper than Europe or the USA.
Travelers come home from South East Asia with tons of music.

I got my computer fixed, but not really. They tried their best.


What do monks do, they go to the mall to buy a Cell or Mobile phone, computer.




Buddhist Monks trying to buy computers.

Pantip Plaza - The sign on the front of the building.


The outside of Pantip


Food court inside the mall.

The place is next to the Grand Diamond Hotel

More Monks

This type of pillow case is typical in Southeast Asia. It stays on the pillow.

My bed in Cambodia - Note better to NOT have a footboard
because you can hang your feet off the end.

Very Unique, this has a vent fan to pump the hot air out of the top of the room.
Lights on walls are good also.

Hmmm Anti-Fungus Paint in Cambodia

Typical Word fan.

Nizoral Shampoo - Ketocanazole - This can be purchase do keep fungus off your body.

I guess it is made by Johnson and Johnson.

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