Angkor Wat

Photo Gallery Newsletter # 146

Buying Software for 150 Baht or 3.5 Dollars U.S. in Pantip Bangkok Thailand


Posing for the camera

Ooops The removed the Microsoft Products

Always trying to sell you "sexy movie."

Me placing money on bed table to check if the staff steals in the Popular Guesthouse in Seam Reap. They did not steal any coins. Note they would not steal all of them, just a couple.

My bed light

Rules and Regulations in a Hotel in Cambodia


Cost to enter Angkor Wat Cambodia

My guide for 6 dollars U.S. per day.

Recycling of tires in Cambodia

The Moat around Angkor Wat

The wall around the temple, they say this is not for protection, I think they are wrong.

Climbing a palm tree to get sap or liquor probably.


One of the gates or entrances to Angkor Wat

Elephant in Cambodia outside of Angkor Wat - Elephant Rides




Ruins or Archeological Site




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