Thailand Photos

Photo Gallery Newsletter # 146

 Me using a 6-pack of water for lifting weights.

Floor Toilet on Boat

Boat on way to Koh Pha Ngan Thailand

Boat Ferry in Thailand

A perfect person to Rob. 5 bags. Silly.

Van in Thailand

My Reeboks shoe.

I tie a knot in the shoe lace so it will not slide out.
In Asian countries you take your shoes off all the time for religious reasons.

I padlocked my two bags together so I felt secure.

Always some local Thai person with an American Flag on shirt.

Shark Graphic on side of Bus in Thailand.





Covering up the storm drain to stop the smells. Thailand storm sewers are full of crap.
Had Yai Thailand.



Covered with tarp.

Side-Car Motorcycle - Side Car



Mr. Joe - I purchased ticked on Khao San Road from Him 550 to Fort Wayne, Indiana
from Bangkok.

Orange Juice

The orange squeezer in Thailand.

This is a pop on cap, and the bottles are not pasteurized.

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